About Us

Hydro-Digging, Hydro-Excavation or Non-Destructive Digging are all terms used for safe digging using high-pressure water instead of force which cause thousands of dollars of damage which require repair. We are an EPA approved. As well as the advantages of no damage, Hydro-Digging is also a way of reducing wastage by putting ‘old water’ to good use!

Based in the Beaconsfield-Pakenham region, we are centrally placed to head East towards the Yarra Valley, South East towards Baw-Baw or South towards Gippsland and the Bass Coast region and we have another team that services the Mornington Peninsula.

For ease of contact, we keep our phone-lines active and responsive even after hours to better service your region, as early as possible. So, when you are ready for a local business that can assist you on a regular basis, click here to CONTACT US,save our details and keep connected via Facebook.